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At the time of initial provision of the external links, checked whether the third party content could lead to possible liability under civil or criminal laws. However it cannot be excluded that the content may be subsequently altered by the respective providers. is not legally obliged to constantly check the third party content to which it refers in its service for changes which could lead to new obligations. cannot be reasonably expected to constantly monitor the external links without concrete indicators of legal breaches. Only the provider of these pages shall be responsible for contents which go beyond the above and in particular only the provider of these pages shall incur liability for losses connected to the use or non-use of information which is presented in such a way and not the party which merely provides reference to the respective publication via links.

Only when becomes aware or is informed by others that a concrete service to which it has provided a link incurs civil or criminal liability will it remove the link to the said service, provided that this is technically possible and reasonable for


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The unauthorised duplication and distribution of individual contents or complete pages is not permitted and can give rise to prosecution. Breaches of copyright and the infringement of copyright-related rights of use will be prosecuted both under civil law­ and under criminal law. In accordance with German civil law, omission and damages, reimbursement of expenses, handover, correction or destruction of the duplication devices and the public announcement of any judgement are possible. Legal action in accordance with legal ordinances of other countries is possible.

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Closing provision concerning liability and exclusion of liability

Should any individual clauses of this liability provision with exclusion of liability be or become ineffective, these shall be replaced by the statutory regulation from which they deviate.

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